Who We
Are Not

An Angel Investor

Angel investors are a critical piece of the startup ecosystem and typically write checks of $10k to $100k in a single round of funding. We are not angel investors. Our check size ranges between $500k and $1M and we reserve an additional $3M for each investment we make.

The Strategic Investment Arm of O’Reilly Media

We love O’Reilly Media. They are a general partner in both OATV funds and their thinking shapes many of the trends we invest behind. But we are not their strategic investment arm. If you're seeking funding for a company related to publishing, conferences or any line of business core to O’Reilly, you'd do best to approach them directly.

High Volume Investors

There are many angels and seed stage funds that do a high volume of investing each year—multiple investments a month, double-digit investments per year. In contrast, we make 2-4 investments per partner, per year. Not only does this map to our personal dispositions, it allows us to focus on providing a high level of service to the few companies we choose to get behind.

A Traditional Venture Capital Firm

Traditional venture capital firms consider early stage investing to be Series A rounds of $3-5M. We do not lead rounds of that size, nor do we lead or participate in Series B-Z rounds. There are many great firms which do. We aren’t one of them.